Welcome TO Tante Rosa Schools

The idea of starting Tante Rosa schools was developed after a meeting held by the friends, brothers and sisters of the late Tante Rosa Stimpfle in 2008 in Augsburg Germany. The School is constructed from the generosity of the friends and family members of Tante Rosa. Since the late Rosa Stimpfle loved and valued children so much, our main focus is to give an opportunity to every child to learn. Come and join us support our school.

    The following people have worked tirelesly to see our school standing.
    May God bless you!

  • Fr. Franz Gotz
  • Barbara Gotz
  • Winifried Prem
  • Benedikta Schlegel
  • Martina Hearing
  • Maria Henkel
  • The Herz Jesu - Kindergarten
  • The entire community of Herz Jesu Kirche Augsburg
  • The Gotz Family
  • Barbara Wulf

School Program Term II 2019